On-Site Training

Get Your Whole Team Trained at once!

The Aesthetic Masters On-Site Training Program

Train In your own office

Train your whole team at once

No travel expenses

100% Focused on your team

On-Site Training;Expert training to build your practice;The Asethetic Masters On-Site Training!

Dr. Karen Soika is available for On-Site Training in your own office!

We also offer On site training in your own practice for you alone and/or as a group of your staff or neighboring colleagues because we realize:
  1.  Not always easy to take time and travel
  2. Who will man the office if all key clinicians are away
  3. Continuity in best practices for procedures for an entire staff
  4. Build commaraderie
  5. Excites the staff to do new and different things and because its
  6. FUN!!!
One and one training is $2,000 for the day, add staff and all can be done for $3,000 up to four in total.
Just let us know a date, time and location as well as who will be participating. All staff are welcome to participate, yet only licensed practitioners based on the state’s laws are allowed to participate in the hands on procedures.  This can be tailored for Botox, Fillers, Kybella/mesotherapy or Threads.

Contact me today to discuss details and schedule your training.

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