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The Aesthetic Masters Group Training Program

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Group Training;Expert training to build your practice;The Aesthetic Masters Group Training!

Group training in Greenwich, CT, New York City, San Diego & Irvine, CA

The Aesthetic Masters Group training

We know many love to attend group training courses because they offer the participants many opportunities such as:
  1.  Networking opportunities
  2.  Collaboration with colleagues post training to brain storm or share experiences
  3. No office distractions
  4. Ability to observe many other injectors and their models for areas to improve and observe best practices
As a national and international top instructor in the field of cosmetic and aesthetic procedures, it is with great joy I am informing you of the FIRST hands on training programs from The Aesthetic Masters at our medical facility Center of Excellence in Greenwich Connecticut.
Why? Because no licensed nurse or doctor should be expected to train in a hotel room as many other companies do. You never did in medical or nursing school,  so you should not settle for less now when training.
Many know me from teaching many courses for other companies where I too as an instructor was unnerved by using needles and blood derived products in a hotel and vowed no longer do that.   Can we all agree -not ok!!!!!  Hence I really have been waiting to launch until I too could do it in the utmost professional way which is what you and your patients deserve.
So at my new facility, once a month I will hold these classes. Typically three day programs here. But you may sign up for one day or all three. Maximum is 10-12 participants per course to allow focused learning. We are not a mill!

Karen Soika MD.
The Aesthetic Masters
4 Dearfield Dr. Ste 102
Greenwich, CT 06831

Greenwich CT is closest to LaGuardia airport or White Plains airport is three miles away, and for my European counterparts -JFK airport. We are only 45 minutes from Midtown Manhattan and there is even a train a mile from my office. I will hope to shortly within the year do the same in California!
There are many local hotels such as the Greenwich Hyatt. And many others if you may need. Just let us know and we can send you a list of options.

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