Dr. Karen Soika MD

Cosmetic Surgeon

I specialize in cosmetic surgery;am also known as a top instructor; have taught over 5000 fellow Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses, Nurse Practitioner’s, P.A’s and Dentists.

President, The Aesthetic Masters

Hello everyone! I’d like to introduce myself, My name is Dr. Karen Soika MD.

As a leading surgeon in the country and now the world via my recent nomination, I have been an instructor and teacher for over 35 years…I have always had a passion for teaching and instructing.  I’ve been a key opinion leader and master instructor for over 5,000 doctors, PA’s, RN’s NP’s and t is how I realized there was a need unmet in Aesthetic training. Do you know how many participants approached me to take additional classes or training  as well as preceptorships?  over 5,000…I then realized one tenet in life..When you know better..you do better…Yes, I have always viewed my aesthetic eye as well as my intelligence as above the norm, I don’t say that arrogantly, but i then realized my true gift was in teaching…..all have said repeatedly you take complex material and make it so simple….and that is who i am…that’s what I offer to you…they say when you have mastered then you teach. I have mastered all in my profession. And now my passion is to turn you into an Aesthetic Master! I am a cosmetic surgeon, double trained in both general and plastic and reconstructive surgery…I have had a cosmetic practice and medspa for over ten years..I teach all of the courses…and I can assure you, no one has EVER been disappointed. In fact they follow me to the next course and I welcome that.

If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best. Many participants of my classes had previously taken a similar course elsewhere but were very mislead or disappointed in what they learned or did not learn. Hence they have signed up for my classes and have stated how much they keep learning and how it has set them up for success!.

I have had many students from other courses which were not taught by me, retake my class and and tell me over and over “This was the best course I’ve ever attended!”


Sign up today!  To be a Master, you must learn from a master…Karen Soika MD

My fields of Expertise

Leading surgeon in the USA and now the world.

Trained in plastic and reconstructive surgery, general surgery and cosmetic surgery.

One of the top instructors worldwide

Taught over 5,000 fellow doctors, surgeons, nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants as well as dentists.

Acne Product Developer

Creator of the #1 Rated Physician acne program, Always Clear

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