Botulinum toxin advanced techniques

The Aesthetices Masters Advanced Level Techniques

The Aesthetic Masters Advanced Botulinum Toxin Advanced Course

One day Hands on training in Advanced Botulinum Toxin techniques

The Aesthetic Masters;Botulinum toxin advanced techniques Course

Take your Skills to the Advanced Level! CME APPROVED FOR 6.25 CREDIT HOURS

So, you have started to inject foreheads, crowsfeet and those”11″ lines.  But are you aware of all the other areas a patient can benefit from:

Bunny Lines at the nose,

Lip lift for gummy smile,

Lip lines aka Smokers lines

Eyebrow shaping and lift

Masseter reduction for the V-Jawline definement.

Wrinkles below the tear trough ( Subciliary area )

Nefertiti neck lift

Platysma banding- neck bands and horizontal lines

Decolette puckering

Micro-Botox for skin refinement and pore reduction

What makes our courses different?

What makes my classes different is they are truly based on teaching the key anatomy so that you really do become an Aesthetic Master!

All courses are taught by Karen Soika,MD

Class size is limited to 12


  1. All courses taught by Dr. Karen Soika
  2. Small class sizes for a personal experience
  3. 70% is hands-on training and 30% lecture
  4. All courses emphasize key anatomy to know and to avoid

Course price for one day program is $1,699

What can you expect?

This is a 1-day hands-on training course. You will be trained in the most clinically relevant facial areas on injectable techniques using a model that we encourage you to bring as the learning really should not end in class but afterwards so you can see the process heal and the results settle in to understand timeframes and to manage a patients expectations post treatment-This is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED.  However, if you cannot bring a model or volunteer, please let us know at least one week prior to the course you have enrolled in so we can provide you a volunteer for injections. . This allow delegates to understand the facial anatomy and to see how the filler sits

We are the only course for a one-day class that allows each participant to do more than one area!  Three areas at least! 1000.00 in products.


Who should attend?

All medical doctors who are already performing dermal filler and botulinum toxins injections but wanted to build a stronger foundation to their skills. Or also any medical doctors who wanted to venture into aesthetic medicine.

If you have mastered this Aesthetic Master Level course, then sign up for our Aesthetic Master Injector Expert  Course where you will learn:

You took the CME classes and they opened the possibility for you to start to develop an interest in injectables. You most likely found yourself leaving those classes thinking that I am no way near ready to start injecting patients. How after injecting only one person or one area?  When most of the day was spent listing to a lecture.

Well that ends here. I only teach a group of no more than 8.  We do injections all day. Whether it’s Botox, Dermal Fillers such as Hyaluronic acids, or the non-hyaluronic acid products, and PDO threads and Kybella or mesothotherapy

So where do you go to learn to be the best?  I too felt this way when I first started out in Cosmetic Procedures. But back in my time, I had no options, nowhere to go so I learned the hard way and it took a long time. So, you are now lucky because I can show you how to inject for the best results.  Come ready to work! To look to learn and to do!

I call it aesthetic injectable boot camp. Fun and rewarding way to spend a day.  Classes are held in NYC and San Diego and Irvine CA.

All day class $1,699.00 Additional materials separate based on your training goals.

Bring a volunteer.  It because I cannot provide you with one. I can… But that is what most training classes do wrong. You don’t learn by only injecting. You learn by seeing in a weeks’ time approximately how it turned out.  We then do a Face-time review, so you can understand the results good or bad and how to adjust, copy or correct them. This is how you learn!

Sign up today limited spaces available Saturday and Sundays each month. See the calendar for dates and location you prefer.

Sign up today! only $1,699.00

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Course Prerequisites:

Proof of Licensure as a RN PA, DR, NP or Dentist

To register you will need to submit your RN license, Dr. license, NP License, PA license, Dental License and prior introduction certification from course work in basic Botox fillers, PRP, PDO threads, mesotherapy or kybella.

We will also ask you to submit your license number to us for verification with the state.

Contact Dr. Soika for more info on the Advanced Botulinum toxin advanced techniques Course